Bee Removal

Bee removal Farwell Michigan


Is there a basketball size clump of bees in a tree? Please don’t spray! Call me for a free swarm removal. I will remove the honey bees. My passion is honey bees. Most of the time an email with a picture is all that is needed to determine if you need me to remove honey bees or if you need an exterminator to remove wasps or hornets. Please don’t hesitate to email. We love saving feral honey bee colonies and taking good care of them.

Free swarm removal if it’s a hanging swarm or on an exterior structure. Honey bee colony cut outs for a fee (not responsible for reconstruction) removal for a fee of $50-$75 per colony, some colonies pricing will be negotiated higher or lower.

Please email me with a Picture, phone number, and address to expedite my response time. I will call to confirm that I am on my way.
Or leave a message at the phone number below.

I will travel to the local area. Including Farwell, Clare, Harrison, Mt. Pleasant, and anywhere near and between this list. Approximately 30 Minute Radius from Farwell.


Leave voicemail at 989-418-8796